March'16: Chio attends TEDxBrussels

Another month full of trips abroad. Only a week ago I was in Brussels as one of the official photographers for TEDxBrussels. Today, I sit in my living room watching heart breaking news on TV about the city that welcomed me just a few days ago. The event took place at the Brussels Event Brewery, a beautiful venue that, as the name gives away, used to be a brewery. It was an incredible experience, just to be able to hear inspiring talks about how things might be in the future (love, banks, equality, designing...), it has no price. As if that wasn't enough, on top of it I met wonderful people who made of this visit to Brussels an authentic unforgettable experience.

Today I decided to forget about the images I'm seeing from Brussels in the media and go back to the memories I created on my visit by creating a beautiful video from my day and a half in this city, I want to remember it how is meant to be remembered, a fun, diverse and stunning European city, so scroll down to the bottom to see my short but sweet video about my trip to Brussels.

I also wanted to share a small but stunning shoot I did during my trip to Madrid at the beginning of the Month. I met the lovely Sofía Hamela and her friend Helena Fombellida in October, since then, I've been looking forward to working with both of them. Bare in mind this is a super improvised shoot with no assisting, styling or anything! Just three girls having fun. I still love the results, I hope you love them as much! If you like them, don't leave without checking the rest of the images in my website.