February'16: Chio goes to Amsterdam.

I was lucky to be selected by A.M.E.F.E as one of their volunteers to join an Erasmus + project: Social Youth Enterprises. The first stage of this project took place in Amersfoort, Netherlands. The city was very close to Amsterdam. 

I travelled with 3 more Spaniards and stayed for 9 days, attending classes 9am to 6pm and socialising with the rest of the teams from other countries the rest of the time. We were all young entrepreneurs from Greece, Rumania, Italy, Portugal and Spain. 

This trip is on the top 5 best experiences of my life, very close to my trips to Thailand and Hong Kong. I had already visited Amsterdam and The Netherlands before, but what made this trip special were the people I met and the knowledge we shared and acquired. I came back full of ideas for my future project in Spain (oh yes, I still have to tell you about this, don't I?), and my phone is full of new contacts that promise to be very important in a very near future! 

In case you wonder what is the small, black device next to my Starbucks on the video, I had a wonderful companion called Tep Wireless, who made sure my colleagues and I kept up to date with emails, work, family and friends anywhere we went! Tep has become a travel essential for me and I can't remember what I did before I came across this wonderful device that connects me to internet no matter the destination. 

Now, because I'm not great with words and I support that an image is worth a thousand words, I have put together a video from our trip to Amsterdam. Enjoy it! 


Amsterdam with A.M.E.F.E and Erasmus + Song by: Got Me Good - Junkyard Poets Footage by: Lidia Quesada and Chio Photography