June to August'16: Chio gets married and does Miami, SanFran, L.A. for her Honeymoon!

It seems like work and travel are getting in the way of me keeping you updated about my work and travel. How ironic! 

Four months of blogging break, a long time. And now I have too much to share with you in just one post, so I have to try and keep it short but sweet. 

Where to start...? I got married! The 11th of June, David and I had the most amazing, beautiful and emotional ceremony in the south of Spain. Wedding planning for the months of April and May is my excuse for not having time to blog about it. Let's be honest, my blog was the last thing I had in mind during that period. Sorry! 

Our great friend Jesús was the officiant, and he is so great that he had the great idea of taking this great selfie just before starting the ceremony: 


Anyway, I'm sorry, can't help it but get excited and start talking too much about the wedding! I'm going to leave the photos do the talking, shall I? Last week we received our official wedding photos back from Pablo Béglez. He did an excellent job documenting every minute from the night before the wedding to the last hours of the party, where we all start looking our best. 


10th June 9PM

Drinks and tapas 


11th June 11AM

Beach Volley


11th June 4pm

Wedding Ceremony


11th June 8:30PM

Dinner and first dance


Wait, wait, wait! Don't go yet! you've made it all the way here, you can't go without watching our honeymoon video. Three days in Miami, five in San Francisco and road trip to Los Angeles where we spent our last four days, all packed in two minutes and 49seconds. 


This will be all for this month, hopefully I'll be back next month to tell you more about my trip to the South of France and other projects in the near future. 

Until then!